Retreats and Respites

Hagen Acres was founded to create welcoming and restorative experiences for communities and families.  As such, we reserve October through May as a period to host retreats and respites for small communities and families that need a break from the demands of everyday life so to better connect with what’s important to them.

Planning a retreat or respite at Hagen Acres is very flexible.  We have large, comfortable open spaces for discussion, planning and creative work.  We also have private spaces for that important quiet time.

We also have access to important services you may desire while visiting. Whether you like to prepare meals as a team or family, or have them prepared for you, we can help connect you with what you need.

If your church group, hobby group, business team, ministry team, pastoral team or a family that needs to escape for a while, please contact Ben at for special rates and arrangements.